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Mi Unlock: Apply for unlocking Mi devices bootloader to be eligible for performing a number of tasks like rooting the Android, Flashing ROMs, replacing stock MIUI Recovery with custom one, and many other cool things.

So, in this comprehensive and detailed article, you will get to learn how to unlock Xiaomi bootloader in the best possible ways. Rather than this, you will also get to know more about mi unlock and Mi Flash Unlock Tool.

But before we head over to the main section of this guide, I would like you all to know What is Bootloader, Why it comes locked and How to Unlock Bootloader?

What is Bootloader and Why it comes Locked?

For geeky people, the one-line introduction of the bootloader is “the bootloader is the program which is responsible for checking and loading of the Android operating system or the first process that starts during a device boot“.

In simple words, it’s a type of program and script which restricts the user from messing up with the OS. The number of times we reboot our device, the bootloader checks the system for all the necessary files and folder that are needed in the functioning o the OS.

Now, comes to the most interesting question which is why the bootloader comes locked?

So, the simple answer to this question is that – to avoid any kind of damage to the device, the device manufacturer locks the bootloader. So that you won’t be able to make any system modifications to the device. Because a device with an unlocked bootloader is highly vulnerable to malware and spyware.

As soon as you unlock the bootloader, you will lose your device’s manufacturer warranty. Not only this, you will leave your Android device hackable to the attackers. In short, your Android phone would be easily controlled remotely. Because you have manually allowed making changes to the OEM.

Advantages and Benefits of Having an Unlocked Bootloader

So, now let’s talk about the benefits that you can enjoy after unlocking the bootloader of your Xiaomi and Mi device.

Basically, once you unlock mi device, you make your device super powerful to perform any type of task like rooting, flashing and tweaking, etc.

Below we have curated the list of benefits that you can enjoy with an unlocked mi device.

  • Flash Custom ROMs, Images, Kernels, etc.
  • Remove pre-installed apps and bloatware.
  • Root your Android to attain SuperUser powers.
  • Replace stock recovery with custom recoveries like TWRP, and CWM, etc.
  • Get rid of annoying ads and popups.
  • Run incompatible apps & games easily.
  • Enhance performance and battery life by doing some simple hacks.
  • Perform simple customizations and tweaks to the OS.
  • And many other things.

So, above we have mentioned some of the popular and very known benefits of having an unlocked bootloader. Rather than these, there are still so many other things that you can do with your MIUI unlocked device.

But, as all, we know there are always some dark sides too. So, here there are basically three disadvantages that you may face while or after unlocking your MIUI Device. And those are the following:

  • Lose your device’s warranty.
  • While unlocking the bootloader, your Xiaomi device could brick.
  • and at last, when you finally have an unlocked bootloader. Say goodbye to future OEM and security patch updates.

How To Unlock Xiaomi Devices Bootloader – MI bootloader unlock


Unlocking the bootloader of your Xiaomi device will completely wipe your phone. This will erase all type of data including photos, videos, audios, documents, and other files. In short. this process will revert your device to default factory settings. So, it is advised to take a full backup of your data before getting into the whole process.

So finally, we are into the section of the guide that will help you to unlock your Xiaomi phone with the official method.

Note: This guide is only for the Xiaomi devices running over MIUI OS. Because MIUI comes with a locked bootloader, which can only be unlocked by following the official method by Xiaomi. Android One users of Xiaomi Mi A1. A2, and, A3 don’t need to go through this method. They can easily unlock their phone’s bootloader by ADB and Fastboot Method.

Now, let’s move to the instructions below:

  1. Download Mi Flash Unlock Tool.
  2. Once downloaded the zip, extract the files on your desktop.
  3. Now, go to the Android settings > About Phone.
  4. Tap 7-8 times on “Build Number” until you see popup message as “You’re now a developer”.
  5. Now go back to the main settings.
  6. Navigate to Additional Settings > Developer options.
  7. Now, scroll down and tap on the USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking option to turn them ON.
  8. Then, turn off your Xiaomi Mi/Redmi device completely.
  9. Once done, boot it into the fastboot mode or bootloader mode by pressing and holding the Volume Down + Power Key altogether for a couple of seconds.
  10. Once you have entered into the fastboot mode, connect your Xiaomi phone to the computer using the USB cable.
  11. After connecting the cable, go to your desktop and run the Mi Flash Unlock tool .exe file.
  12. Now, the screen will ask you for permission. Just hit ‘Agree’.
  13. Then, you will need to login into your Mi account that you’re using on the device that you want to unlock.
  14. Once logged in, you will see your device connected, if performed all the steps successfully.
  15. Now, click on ‘UNLOCK’ and wait 5 seconds. Then click on ‘Unlock Anyway’.
  16. Again wait for 5 seconds and click on ‘Unlock Anyway’.
  17. Now, the unlocking process should start with an increasing percentage. So, wait until it verifies your device and unlocks it.
  18. At 99%, you will face an error with the message that you have to wait for a specific time period to unlock the bootloader. The timing will be given in hours which will be approximately 1 week or 7 days.
  19. So, kindly for at least 7 days and follow the same procedure in the Mi flash unlock tool again.
  20. Assuming as you have waited for 1 week. Let’s go further. So, make sure that USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlocking is enabled in the settings and you have logged in the device with the same Mi account that you’re going to use for the unlocking process.
  21. Again click on ‘Agree’ > ‘UNLOCK’ > ‘Unlock Anyway’> ‘Unlock Anyway’.
  22. Finally, the unlocking process will be started again and this time it will be completed successfully.
  23. Once the process is done, click on ‘Reboot phone’.
  24. This will now reboot the device into your stock MIUI OS.
  25. At last, configure the settings of your new MIUI OS which is now unlocked.

so, this was our step-by-step shoot on mi unlock or mi bootloader unlock. To confirm the unlocked status, go to settings > tap on ‘build number’ 7-8 times to enable developer options. Once enabled, go to the ‘Settings’ > ‘Aditional settings’ > ‘Developer options’ > ‘Mi Unlock Status’. now, you will see the message as ‘This device is unlocked’.

In case if you are facing any issue while unlocking bootloader of your Xiaomi device, feel free to drop us a comment below.

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