How To Unlock Bootloader – Xiaomi Mi A3

As we know, Xiaomi’s Latest Android One flagship device – Mi A3 has been launched. If you have purchased a one and want to unlock Xiaomi Mi A3 bootloader, then keep heading with us.

Xiaomi’s A-series has finally got a successor for its Mi A2 phones. As usual, the price of the device is very decent in terms of the specifications. Mi A3 is one of the best Android one powered devices out there. When it comes to exploring the Android, then surely Xiaomi’s A3 is one of those devices in which you can do a couple of developers hacks like unlocking bootloader and rooting the device because the Xiaomi A3 is based on the pure stock Android pie. Which allows a user to easily alter system settings.

In this Unlocking guide of bootloader, you will get to know everything that you need to know about unlocking Mi A3 bootloader.

How To Unlock Bootloader On Xiaomi Mi A3 – Guide

We have made this guide a little bit longer and simpler so that even a newbie can easily unlock the bootloader of Xioami Mi A3. For the user’s convenience, we have briefly defined each of the parts of this guide very genuinely.  So, take a look at these parts one by one.


Unlocking the bootloader terminates the manufacturer warranty of the device. However, relocking the bootloader is also possible. But still, move forward into the guide at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any damage to your device. So, please take the risk at your own responsibility.

Backup Xiaomi Mi A3

If your Mi A3 has come important data like call logs, photos, and videos, etc then we would highly recommend you to make a full backup of this data. Because during the unlocking process of bootloader, your data could be lost.

There are a number of ways and medium you can use to backup your device. Some of them are Online services like Google Drive, and Dropbox, etc. Or offline ways like Pendrives, Hard disks, etc. In case, If you don’t know to take a complete backup, then read the article on How to take a complete backup of an Android device.

Install Platform-tools and USB Driver

The process of unlocking bootloader needs you to push ADB commands to your Xiaomi device. In order to make this happen, your PC must have ADB & Fastboot tools installed. You can grab the latest platform-tools from here.

Once you have done with the platform-tools, you need to install Xiaomi USB Driver on your desktop. This will allow your device to easily communicate with the PC using USB Cable. To download and install USB Driver on your Xiaomi Mi A3, read the article here.

Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlocking

USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking are the hidden options in the Android Developer settings. These options allow you to do a specific type of task. Unlocking bootloader on Xiaomi Mi A3 does also needs you to enable these settings. To do so, follow the instructions given below:

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Navigate to About phone and tap on “MIUI Version” 7-8 times until you see the popup as “You are a developer!”.
  • Then go back to the main settings and navigate to “Additional Settings” > “Developer options”.
  • Now, scroll down and tap on the USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking toggle to Turn it ON.
  • That’s it.

Steps To Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Mi A3 using Fastboot

Note: Before getting into the process, make sure that your Xiaomi Mi A3 is charged to a sufficient battery level. A low battery can cause sudden shutdowns.

  1. Go to the ADB Folder.
  2. Inside the ADB Folder on an empty space, right-click while holding the SHIFT Key.
  3. From the options, choose “Open PowerShell Window Here”.
  4. Inside the PowerShell window, type and enter the below command to boot MI A3 into the bootloader mode:
      adb reboot bootloader
  5. Once you have entered into the fastboot mode, type and enter the following command to unlock Xiaomi Mi A3 Bootloader:
      fastboot flashing unlock
  6. As soon as you execute the above command, the Mi A3 bootloader will be unlocked. Now, type and enter the below command to complete the process and reboot the phone:
      fastboot flashing unlock_critical

That’s it. You have successfully been able to unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi Mi A3 using fastboot method. Now, you can go ahead and install custom recoveries like TWRP and also root your Xiaomi Mi A3 using Magisk.

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